Get Involved!

Get Involved!

Posted on Jun 4, 2013 in Featured

Interested in Playing Volleyball?


Interested in playing volleyball, but don’t have enough friends that play, or don’t have a team to play on?  There are quite a lot of players feeling the same way.  The Marietta Volleyball League is the perfect place and this is the perfect time to find a team and make new friends!!  Go to our player sign up page, fill out and submit the form.  We will try to find you a team to play on.  Many times there are existing teams who are one or two players short, or maybe need an extra player for the season.  Sometimes we can put player in contact with each other and several players without teams get together and form a team of there own!


Facebook Group Page

Join our Marietta Volleyball League Facebook Group page.   Teams post here when they need a sub from week to week.    You can also post here that you are interested in joining a team, etc.

player signup buttonSo get involved, no more sitting on the sidelines!