100 Things Every Volleyball Player Should Know

100 Things Every Volleyball Player Should Know

Posted on Dec 15, 2012 in MVL News, Volleyball Related News

An Interesting Article From Volleyball Magazine

Here it is. A complete, exhaustively researched, finely-tuned set of guidelines for you to live and play by. Tear it out. Put it in your pocket. Tack it to your wall. Just be sure it can be found easily the next time you’re in need of a healthy shot of inspiration.

1. Practice like you want to play.

2. When you’re playing defense or approaching to hit, remember that you have more time than you think.

3. Turn off your cell phone when you play.

4. Forget the last play and get ready for the next.

5. Know the name of the sport’s founder, including his middle initial: William G. Morgan.

6. Serve the front court passer.

7. Know where the sidelines are.

8. Make sure you own any ball you kick in frustration.

9. Stay positive if you shank a pass into the bleachers. But don’t giggle.

10. Never tip a bad set.

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